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Our services

We offer a personalized, suggestive and quality health, well-being and beauty service that belongs to the hotel and resides in its facilities, or our own therapeutic staff travels to the hotel.


You will have the possibility of holding events in the hotels with an included massage service, whether for meetings, gifts, companies, conventions, etc. KARUNA DO LUXURY has a large team of high-level specialists who perform different techniques in body therapy:


Treatments tailored to the needs of the hotel

We create a menu of services personalized to the character, spaces and needs of the hotel or aparthotel.


Multidisciplinary approach to create unique experiences 

We take care of customers as they deserve by creating unique experiences.


We manage the team of therapists 

We take care of managing, in all aspects, the team of therapists who are available to their clients. 

Example of service letter for hotels


Do we create your services?


+34 658 90 04 59

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